Review for “The Valediction: Resurrection” by Paul Fitzgerald and Elizabeth Gould

Do our dreams speak to us? Are they a reflection of our subconscious or something deeper? In Paul Fitzgerald’s case, dreams are portals into the depths of family history and dormant secrets. His dreams and those of his wife and daughter speak volumes. Their somnolent journeys raise questions needing answers. Paul and wife Elizabeth delve deep in their research to decode esoteric meanings. In “The Valediction: Resurrection”, the reader will be the passenger on a tour of the past going back to the Middle Ages. 

In their previous and intriguing installment, “Valediction: Three Nights of Desmond”, Paul and Elizabeth reported on the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and how all was not what it seemed during that period. Hints of what was to come in the current installment were teased, particularly the lineage between Paul and JFK’s family. The research into Paul’s forebears yields clues to a powerful empire that was conspired against and overthrown. The surviving bloodlines are targeted, even the possibility of the assassination of John F. Kennedy in November 1963. While combing over his own past, Paul is called back into write about Afghanistan. The seemingly disparate subjects share commonality with sinister forces who pop up throughout history manipulating others to the achievement of their own ends. How does “Team B” of the CIA Soviet threat analysis connect to the Arthurian legends? Do we march towards fate through random events or has a course been marked going back centuries?

“The Valediction: Resurrection” is a one of a kind book that will stick with the reader long after the book has been placed back on the bookshelf. The past is never easy to reconcile, and in Paul Fitzgerald’s case, he went back centuries in an attempt to do so. I was not only intrigued with the author’s quest for knowledge and truth, but also every stop along the way. Fitzgerald and Gould produce a book that possesses the qualities of a blockbuster movie while appealing to the history lover, conspiracy researcher, genealogist, etc..

Review for “The 13th Hour: Chaos” by Richard Doetsch

Nick Quinn is stuck in an all encompassing nightmare. He has witnessed the slow death of his wife Julia along with the destruction of their town. The good news is that he can save Julia and the town, but there are caveats. Nick was gifted a watch which can set things right. However, he can go no further back than 12 hours and once that period has elapsed, everything proceeds as is. Nick needs to utilize his limited time wisely, because the slightest alteration in the fabric of time is capable of having drastic consequences. Nick may be able to keep a dam from detonating and unleashing a hellish deluge on the public, but he may still lose Julia. Nick wears every bruise and wet item of clothing into his next time leap. His foreknowledge is a gift and a curse. Another watch is held by an assassin named Janos Zane. Janos informs Nick that he will kill Julia unless he gets what he wants, the only problem being Nick might not know what that is at that point in time. Both men are on a path to destruction where the conclusion is anyone’s guess. Only time will tell.

“The 13th Hour: Chaos” pulls the reader in with the force of a magnet and promises not to let go until its satisfying conclusion. Author Richard Doetsch (“The Thieves of Darkness”) captures the thrilling possibilities of time travel along with its infinite loops and often tragic results. Nick Quinn has taken this trip before, but it doesn’t mean he wanted to venture into this realm ever again. Quinn is fallible, but immensely likable. He knows he can’t save the day on his own, he relies on those close to him to defeat the despicable villains intent on taking what’s theirs no matter the cost. An immensely enjoyable book from beginning to end.

Review for Sonny: The Last of the Old Time Bosses by S.J. Peddie

John “Sonny” Franzese is not your typical mafioso. He lived to be 103 years old, his death marking the end of the quintessential wiseguy. His reputation on the streets was legendary, a caporegime in the Colombo Family, who could quiet the loudest and boisterous of made men with a withering stare. Law enforcement was determined to bring him down at all costs, suspecting Franzese of involvement in scores of gangland rubouts. This determination also led certain authorities to forgo the rules in convicting Franzese. Franzese would inhabit various correctional facilities during his life, but maintained a stiff upper lip and was the exemplary stand up guy. His service to the Colombo family spanned the better part of eight decades, Franzese weathered internal revolts, large scale round-ups of associates and the defection of two of his own sons. During the last few years of his life, Franzese became more candid and opened up to a journalist or two, but never revealed more than his share.

“Sonny” is a mix of Biography and True Crime, where the subject is a criminal, but doesn’t hide from it. Franzese brags about certain exploits, while not hiding from his regrets, whether it be his imprisonments, separation from Wife and kids. Author S.J. Peddie had his work cut out for him in tackling a subject like Sonny Franzese, but one can’t argue with the finished product, which tells the story of the life and death of one of the last true gangsters. A++

Review for Fly By Night: The Secret Story of Steven Spielberg, Warner Bros. and the Twilight Zone Deaths By Steve Chain

In the early morning hours of July 23, 1982, a movie crew was filming a pivotal scene to one of the segments of the “Twilight Zone” motion picture. The scene involved a helicopter, a fantastic display of pyrotechnics and the three actors trying to evade the danger altogether. The explosions were ignited, the adult Male actor stumbled with two kids in tow, the helicopter plunged in near free fall..and just like that a movie set became a crime scene. Actor Vic Morrow and two young children, Myca Dinh Le and Renee Shin-Yi Chen were killed.

Bad vibes had been felt on the shoot before the tragedy, an almost grim sense of foreboding. The director of the segment, John Landis, displayed an almost cocksure arrogance in filming. Landis jumped into Hollywood spotlight with his directing the hit Comedy “National Lampoon’s Animal House”, but his next effort “The Blues Brothers” was a critical failure. Landis had something to prove. His ambition only fueled his recklessness. Warner Brothers was producing the film along with Steven Spielberg’s crew. The Warner Brothers production kept a tight budget. Two of the factors that would figure into the tragedy were the “off the books” hiring of the young children(due to strict labor laws) and the hiring of the helicopter pilot who would helm the doomed helicopter.

The authorities would be alerted to the accident shortly after the carnage. By then, a cover-up would already be in progress. One of Spielberg’s producing partners, Frank Marshall, had already left the scene. Most of the crew would insist it was an unavoidable tragedy. However, some who worked on the set heard and witnessed goings on that spawned criminal proceedings. In less than a year, John Landis, his producer George Folsey and three others were facing involuntary manslaughter charges. In addition to criminal proceedings, civil suits were under way by the families of Vic Morrow along with Myca Dinh Le and Renee Shin-Yi. Would the truth be revealed and the bad guys get their just desserts? Well, spoiler alert……No!! Its Hollywood…The fix was in early on, but how that happens is even more compelling and transfixing than the movie that ultimately was released.

“Fly by Night” is one of the newest releases from the redoubtable Trine Day Publishing. Author Steve Chain pierces through the shiny gloss of Hollywood and reveals the callous disregard for safety that resulted in the loss of three innocent lives under the watch of John Landis etal. The corruption of Hollywood is complimented by the often buffoonish incompetence of the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office, which habitually tripped over its own feet prosecuting the case. Chain hammers home the ins and outs of the case, the divisions among the defendants, the clash among Assistant D.A.s and how justice was ultimately co-opted. Nearly 40 years after an unspeakable disaster, the truth is showcased for all to see if they are willing. “Fly By Night” is a new True Crime Classic.

2021: A Year in Review where Books were Aplenty and the Emotional Impact was Full

Reading Books and being whisked off to a distant or parallel world is a feeling that defies a pithy description. Each book I have been fortunate enough to encounter over 12 months has struck me in irrevocable ways. There may be some entries that weren’t released in 2021, but that is irrelevant. Here is a list of notable books for plague year #2..

Non-Fiction Entries:

Hypocrazy: Surviving in a World of Cultural Double Standards-Charlie Robinson

Author Charlie Robinson (host of Macroagressions podcast, Author of “The Octopus of Global Control) takes the reader through a world of double-speak, twisted logic, stunted thinking that serves as leadership while the world burns. Robinson is the flickering flame in a darkening world.

God, School, 9/11 and JFK: The Lies that are Killing us and the Truth That Sets us Free-Bruce De Torres

The title may just say it all…Yet Author Bruce De Torres provides chapter, verse and well sourced information that will convert even the staunchest of conspiracy skeptics to think differently about the drummed in mainstream narrative. History has never been so compelling

All Quiet at Mena-Mara Leveritt

A plane crash brings State and Federal authorities to scrutinize activities at Intermountain Regional Airport in Mena, Arkansas. The cops and Federal Agents (Russell Welch, Bill Duncan) are on the trail of Adler Berriman “Barry” Seal and his protected drug trade. Leveritt(author of “Devils Knot”, “The Boys on the Tracks”) contributes incontrovertible research to the mysterious goings on in Mena, AR during the Iran-Contra days. Fascinating only begins to hint at this monumental work.

Unanswered Questions: What the September Eleventh Families Asked and the 9/11 Commission Ignored-Ray McGinnis Jr. and John B Cobb Jr.

Every now and then a title might just give up everything. However, the questions posed by the author are valuable, prescient for every year questions about the 9/11 attacks linger. Holding Local, State, and Federal Officials to account for lapses and criminal action matter 20 years and beyond with respect to September 11, 2001 (and the Global War on Terror that followed)

Blood Gun Money: How America Arms Gangs and Cartels-Ioan Grillo

The circuitous route of the gun trade is chronicled by Journalist Grillo in this tour-de force True Crime thriller. From the blood soaked streets of Mexico where the Cartels vie for turf to the corruption tainted city of Baltimore, the pervasiveness of the illegal gun trade leaves an indelible

The Cult of We: WeWork, Adam Neumann, and the Great Start-Up Delusion-Eliot Brown and Maureen Farrell

Take a company with stratospheric valuations(Unicorn), couple it with an Egomaniac head(Adam Neumann and his Wife Rebecca) helming a company with a slavish devotion of employees..and a recipe for disaster played out over a 10 year period of boom and bust.

By the Light of Burning Dreams: The Triumphs and Tragedies of the Second American Revolution-David Talbot and Margaret Talbot

The tempestuous period of the 60’s-70s is chronicled in a riveting read by David Talbot(“The Devils Chessboard”) and Margaret Talbot(“The Entertainer”) following activist groups such as the Black Panthers, Weather Underground, American Indian Movement

The Outlier: The Unfinished Presidency of Jimmy Carter-Kai Bird

The Presidency of the 39th President has assumed to have been a failure, yet passage of time has allowed a re-evaluation to re-assess the impact of Jimmy Carter’s term in office. The main from Plains, Georgia may have been denied a 2nd term, yet his impact in and out of power make him inspirational.

At the Breaking Point of History: How Decades of U.S. Duplicity Enabled the Pandemic-Janet Phelan

Were the events leading up to the COVID-19 pandemic by chance? Or did the previous sinister machinations of the United States Government in violation of Biowarfare agreements foreshadow future pandemics?

Trejo: My Life of Crime, Redemption, and Hollywood- Danny Trejo and Donal Logue

Veteran Character Actor Danny Trejo has blazed a trail from extra to lead roles in Hollywood over a distinguished four decades. His path to Hollywood renown was hard fought but almost didn’t happen as Drugs and Crime imprisoned Trejo. However, Trejo’s strength and resolve kept him clean and sober, his tough exterior and intelligence brought him to the Silver Screen.

The Valediction: Three Nights of Desmond-Paul Fitzgerald and Elizabeth Gould

The Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan in December 1979 was viewed as a surprise to the United States, particularly the Carter Administration. However, the passage of time along with unredacted documents and candid admissions show this to be fallacy. The Cold War ran hot with this satellite battle, but the news broadcast to the viewing public was slanted. Paul Fitzgerald went to Afghanistan and saw with his own eyes how all was not what it seemed. Afghanistan was the strategic piece on the grand chessboard, and the Government of the United States was acting through covert means to turn Afghanistan into a “Vietnam-esque” quagmire for the Soviets.

The Least of Us: True Tales of America and Hope in the Time of Fentanyl and Meth-Sam Quinones

The tidal wave of destruction unleashed by the Opioid epidemic has been vast, the human toll not limited to isolated towns in the Midwest or Southwest. The cartels have adapted with their trafficked poison. Big pharma pushed their product with little regard to the addiction possibilities. The futility of the drug war has never been more stark as it is played out in Sam Quinones’ journalistic gem.

Competing with Idiots: Herman and Joe Mankiewicz, a Dual Portrait-Nick Davis

Two distinct, legendary careers were born and raised under one roof. Twelve years separated them in age, a dislike for a stern father along with a yearning to win his approval united them. A jealousy of each other’s talents divided them. Their collected works made for Hollywood’s Golden Age from “Citizen Kane” to “All About Eve”.

Eleanor-David Michaelis

A comprehensive and empathetic portrayal of the First Lady/Humanitarian/Woman of the World who emerged from a tragedy scarred upbringing to come into her own while being married to the consummate politician, Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Eleanor grew up early in life, as she learned to be a care giver from an early age.

Rewrite Man-Alison Macor

A biography of Screenwriter(and Script Doctor) Warren Skaaren. Born in Minnesota, he relocated to Texas early in life. An early involvement in the “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” success(and imbroglio) lit a fire in Skaaren, who would get screen-writing credit for Beetlejuice, Batman, while being involved with countless others. An untimely death due to Cancer cut short a very promising career at 44 years of age.

True Indie:Life and Death in Indie Filmmaking-Don Coscarelli

Director/Writer Coscarelli (Phantasm Series, The BeastMaster, Bubba Ho-Tep) pens a frankly honest and humorous depiction of his career from its humble beginnings to eventual success. An autobiography that never feels anything but genuine. Coscarelli’s book was pure joy as a fan of cinema and the Horror genre.

The Snow Killings: Inside the Oakland County Child Killer Investigation-Marney Rich Keenan

“Justice delayed is justice denied”, so says a perennial legal maxim. For the families of the four victims (Mark Stebbins, Jill Robinson, Kristine Mihelich, Timothy King), the current delay is 45+ years. A predator preyed on the innocent and left grief stricken families in the wake. Incompetence seemed to explain away why the killer(s) were never apprehended, but as time elapsed, more sinister aspects of corruption, abuse of power, conspiracy have emerged.

Fiction Entries:

Tokyo Redux-David Peace

The finale to the breathtaking “Tokyo Trilogy”(Tokyo Year Zero, Occupied City) begins in July 1949. The President of Japanese National Railways has disappeared. Sadanori Shimoyama was officiating over a large layoff of workers, a man about to make many enemies. His mangled body is found, a possible suicide…accident….or gruesome murder. Over the next four decades, three men cross paths with the Shimoyama case, each to their lasting regret.

Fallen-TJ Newman

Terror at 30,000 feet. A pilot called in on his day off to fill in for a co-worker. The pilot receives a message from home, his family has been taken hostage. The pilot’s mission: To crash the plane at a strategic target, or else his family dies. An unspeakable request. Author TJ Newman’s initial literary foray is an unforgettable smash.

Widespread Panic-James Ellroy

Freddy Otash is no more….He has ceased to be. Yet, his destination is unknown. His mortal existence was as much fodder for the tabloids as the ones he whored his services for. Atonement is now on the agenda, his sins must be accounted for in full(or damnation awaits). Author James Ellroy (This Storm, American Tabloid) resurrects a stalwart sleazebag for a stand-alone novel and succeeds in rendering his protagonist likable(possibly salvageable).

The Archivist-Rex Pickett

Emily Snow’s job is herculean, she is working on the collection of admired author Raymond West. Emily picked up and left her previous home and moved out to California for her new position. Her life was in disarray, she needed stability. However, as Emily digs into her assignment, she learns that her subject is complex, and her predecessor might have found more than she was looking for. Pickett(author of Sideways trilogy) has carved a niche for himself with his fantastic first Mystery Novel.

Truly Like Lightning-David Duchovny

Can belief be a prison? When one has been raised in a sheltered existence, devout in routine, what happens when a new world is offered? Bronson Powers’ family and his belief in the Mormon church are paramount to him, and he would spare nothing to save them. A provocative and powerful Novel from Duchovny(Miss Subways, Bucky F*in Dent)

Later-Stephen King

Jamie Conklin possesses an unusual power. He can commune with the recently deceased. He first displayed this ability at 4 years old. His Mother disregarded it(possibly out of fear), while Jamie was startled. As Jamie matures, his ability hasn’t waned. And now, others with bad intent are inclined to utilize Jamie’s power for their own ends.

Blood Grove-Walter Mosley

Ezekiel “Easy” Rawlins runs his own Detective Agency. He desires a case lacking inevitable drama and violence. A new client appears and tells Rawlins that he believes he killed someone at Blood Grove. The client is a veteran, as is Rawlins. Despite Rawlin’s initial misgivings, he takes the case and the ensuing consequences. There is no quit in Rawlins, nor in his prolific creator.

Razorblade Tears-S.A. Cosby

While we are here on earth, when the time permits, remember to tell loved ones how we feel. Make regret a non-starter. Ike is a reformed ex-convict who receives a call from the cops. Ike’s world is ripped from under him as the cops inform him of his son Isaiah’s death. Grief and regret have numbed Ike. However, Ike is approached by his Buddy Lee (Father of Isaiah’s husband). Both of the boys were killed, and the circumstances are fishy. The mismatched pair undertake an investigation to locate their son’s killers, avenging angels leaving no stone unturned. SA Cosby(Blacktop Wasteland)

The House of Ashes-Stuart Neville

Sara Keane is moving into a new house with a grim past. Her husband, Damien, is intolerant of her worries/questions. He is controlling and abusive. Sara’s fears are heightened when she meets Mary, a former occupant of Sara’s new home. As Sara digs into the past, she worries about her health, both physical and mental. Neville’s(The Ghosts of Belfast, Collusion) brilliance continues to shine with each new release.

A Slow Fire Burning-Paula Hawkins

Laura can’t quiet the noise building inside her head. Her grip on sanity is tenuous. An encounter with a young man turned violent. His body has been found, Laura doesn’t remember the man being dead when she parted company. A witness who found the victim is holding back evidence. The circumstances surrounding the male’s demise resemble a one night stand gone haywire, but are far more complicated in this white knuckle page turner.

The Good Turn-Dervla McTiernan

Peter Fisher just wanted to enjoy his day off. Yet when his commanding officer calls and asks him to investigate a possible kidnapping, Fisher obliges. Soon, the hunt is on for the abducted girl and her kidnapper. Fisher finds the suspect and puts him down. However, nothing is cut and dry. Fisher is being scapegoated as his commanding officer/mentor Cormac Reilly. “The Good Turn” is the latest outstanding Mystery penned by McTiernan(The Ruin, The Scholar).

The Turnout-Megan Abbott

Marie and Dara live and breathe dancing. Their Mother taught them from an early age. Their Father pulled the girls out of school due to the school’s perceived lack of morality. Their protected lives were also highly dysfunctional and only got more so as Charlie moved in. Now as adults, Dara and Charlie run the family dance studio and Marie teaches. An interloper moves into their orbit and upends their lives.

The Nameless Ones-John Connolly

Angel and Louis are a wrecking crew. They are assassins but mainly work with Charlie Parker. Despite their ignoble beginnings, their friendship with Parker has led to their crimes representing a greater good. The pair have been haunted by dreams foretelling imminent danger. A mission of revenge has ended in a multiple murder, including an ally of Louis. Louis intends to avenge his fallen friend, no matter if he has to scour Europe to do so. John Connolly continues to wow with his blend of Mystery/Horror.

Review for Hypocrazy: Surviving in a World of Cultural Double Standards By Charlie Robinson

Charlie Robinson says what others remain content to yell at their Television Screens. The past two years have borne witness to a world fraying at the edges, psychoses clear for all to see and diagnosed ad nauseam. The United States brags of its unlimited freedoms, yet when examined up close, this proves illusory. The partnership of Government and Big Business aims to stifle & control thoughts. As the insanity of 2020 unraveled, the Press and Government urged the populace to lock down and when outdoors to mask up. However, the politicians and media figures couldn’t be bothered to adhere to their own strict dictates, further exposing their hypocrisy. When exposed, they issued a half-hearted mea-culpa, hoping the speed of the news would sweep away their own foibles.

Hypocrisy is not new nor is it limited to the insanity of 2020. Politicians excel in the art of “Do as I say, not as I do” in every aspect of war on Drugs, Crime. etc….The Double Standards of Justice are open for all to see….The justice system aligned to hassle a poor schnook caught selling a dime bag of Marijuana, while giving a wink and a nod to a “connected” trafficker bringing their goods to destroy an entire city. The war on drugs got print as bloodthirsty prosecutors dropped draconian & disproportionate sentences on outlier dealers. As Author/Journalist Daniel Hopsicker opined “Being Connected means never having to say you’re sorry”.

2020 was “Hypocrazy” to extreme lengths as politicians said “Protesting lock-downs endangered Grandma”, while violence-laden protests were blessed to the nth degree.(aka “Mostly Peaceful). If you forgot to place that carbon blocking muzzle over your face, you were scum, yet Governor Gavin Newsom was simply careless as he dined with a fat-cat coterie at the French Laundry in November 2020. If you give this hypocrisy a second glance/thought, you have clearly missed your Common Core lesson for the Semester. Common Core doesn’t have time for Critical Thinking.

These are just a sampling of examples brought forth by Charlie Robinson(Author of “The Octopus of Global Control, co-author of “The Controlled Demolition of the American Empire). Robinson combines rage and humor to great effect throughout the 300+ pages. In a world where the media’s allegiance is speculative at best, it is good to know there is an author who is looking out for the general public.

Review for Unanswered Questions: What the September Eleventh Families Asked and the 9/11 Commission Ignored by Ray McGinnis

On September 11, 2001, thousands of lives were ended in the span of less than two hours. The tragedies that occurred involving the use of planes as missiles against the World Trade Center (American Airlines Flight 11, United Airlines Flight 175), the Pentagon (American Airlines Flight 77), and the hijacked plane that crashed in Shanksville, PA (United Flight 93) left countless questions in their wake. The lives of tens of thousands of family members were irrevocably changed. The first blaring headlines in the wake of the stunning attacks heralded a “Massive Intelligence Failure”. The families, united in grief, wanted and were entitled to answers. The government promised explanations. However, time has shown the explanations to be lacking.

Despite the Bush Administration’s promise to provide answers for the intelligence failures that enabled the attack, their actions showed otherwise. The administration had gone on record as stating their belief that Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda were behind the attacks. The administration started bombing Afghanistan in October, as the Taliban was providing shelter for Bin Laden. However, 15 of the 19 alleged 9/11 hijackers came from Saudi Arabia. The identities of the 19 hijackers were known within 24-48 hours, yet questions about how they got admission into the US without further scrutiny developed. Within a year, the administration would shift on to a proposed invasion of Iraq, despite no direct evidence of a 9/11 connection.

The families of the 9/11 victims were faced with a tough choice in the wake of the tragedies: whether to accept a government settlement from an established fund or seek their day in court against culpable parties. By accepting the settlement, they would forfeit the right to sue. However, the quest for justice in the death of a loved one trumped financial considerations. The Family Steering Committee(FSC) was formed and lobbied to have an independent commission formed to obtain answers. The commission would be formed in November 2002 and their report would be published in 2004. The commission was headed by Thomas Kean (Former Governor of NJ) and Lee Hamilton (Congressman-Indiana). The families were looking for answers and accountability, what they received was obstruction and government shrouded secrecy. 91% of the questions the FSC posed were not answered satisfactorily. NYC Mayor Giuliani wasn’t pressed by the commission about faulty radios and evacuation orders for the FDNY(343 deaths) as the Mayor expressed foreknowledge of the buildings collapse. The Pentagon brass skated by with token excuses in regards to chain of command and the scrambling of planes to deter the hijacked planes. President Bush and Cheney were allowed to be interviewed together at the White House, when both men on their own had plenty of actions to answer for, before and during 9/11. The Commission seemed content to ask a few pointed questions and otherwise defer to the excuse of “Failure of Imagination”.

“Unanswered Questions” is a revealing and frank account of justice denied in the wake of the 9/11 attacks. Author Ray McGinnis cuts to the heart of the matter when addressing the lingering questions that remain unanswered by the US Government with respects to 9/11 and the circumstances leading up to the fateful day. McGinnis doesn’t push any particular theory, as much as uncovers the important queries the FSC desired answers for. 2900 + people killed, countless more dying from related illnesses from the toxic air at Ground Zero, $2 trillion spent on the war in Afghanistan, a Global War on Terror that cost untold miseries…Transparency needed for all of the above..Questions still abound regarding…Able Danger, Vigilant Guardian, Building 7’s spectacular Free Fall(and multiple reports of a collapse hours earlier). 20 years passed, a book such as this could kickstart a new wave of interest in opening doors the government would rather remain closed. The memory of the victims and the quest of their families shall not be in vain.

Review for “The Valediction: Three Nights of Desmond” by Paul Fitzgerald and Elizabeth Gould

December 1979-The Soviet Union invades Afghanistan. The United States and their allies react with anger and shock by this act of aggression. The mainstream media covers the invasion, highlighting the unprovoked action of the dreaded Soviets. Soon, the US government would covertly aid a group of Afghan fighters called the Mujahideen to fight the Soviets. The primary source in popular culture for the US’ covert role behind the scenes is “Charlie Wilson’s War”, where a hard partying and Congressman named Charlie Wilson(D-TX) partnered with a CIA agent in providing funds and arms to the Afghan resistance. The Soviets are portrayed as cold blooded killers intent on bringing Afghanistan to heel. The truth is much murkier.

Paul Fitzgerald was intrigued by the dramatic developments in Afghanistan and went to the war-torn country to film a documentary in 1981. The venture was initially backed by CBS, but Fitzgerald was told not to upstage CBS’ own Dan Rather in his coverage. Fitzgerald is shocked at how the conditions portrayed by the Evening News bares little resemblance to reality. The presence of the Soviet soldiers seems scant, at the very least less threatening than the reports. Fitzgerald learns through various sources that the battle in Afghanistan is meant to humble the Soviets, if not break them. The invasion wasn’t a surprise to the Carter Administration, but enabled by them with months of planning. The ramifications of this are staggering, however mainstream sources are reluctant to air Fitzgerald and his Wife’s documentary. The more Fitzgerald learns, whether it be through Afghan Citizens or chatty covert operators or jaded media, the black and white of reality fades to an inscrutable gray. Afghanistan is just the latest venue for a global battle of domination that has been waged for decades, if not longer.

“Valediction: Three Nights of Desmond” is an impressive take on a War that seemed to end in 1989 with the Russians defeated and the Cold War practically ended. However, the fate of the country and its citizens has gone through heartrending ups and downs since as stability in government has proven non-existent. Authors Fitzgerald and Gould provide background to the sinister forces that stoked the flames of discord in the country and then stood back to watch the inferno. An excellent read that will open up even the most closed off of minds.

Review for “At the Breaking Point of History: How Decades of U.S. Duplicity Enabled the Pandemic By Janet Phelan

March 2020-SARS-COV-2 (or COVID-19) has brought the world to its knees(or at least the Media would have the masses believe). A lockdown of most of the population for a fortnight in order to “flatten the curve” is heralded. Almost two years into the COVID-19 pandemic, and the world descends further into chaos. Who could’ve seen this coming? Was COVID-19 natural or man-made, an accidental leak or a bioweapon? The extensive investigative work by Author Janet Phelan offers a bird’s eye view of the prophets(if not purveyors) of doom.

In 1969, President Richard Nixon announced the end of the Biological Weapons program by the United States. Shortly thereafter, the US, Russia and Great Britain signed the Biological Weapons Convention, which went into effect in 1975. The pact is not worth the paper its printed on, as the United States has been acting in contravention of the pact for quite some time. The enforcement of the pact is toothless with respect to compliance & verification. The United States has been developing Biological Weapons in their Bio-Safety Labs around the country for quite some time.

The Anthrax scare in the wake of 9/11 left 5 dead and a wounded nation further tormented. The investigation into the attacks allegedly led to Dr. Bruce Ivins(after a previous false accusation at Dr. Stephen Hatfill). Ivins took his own life, though there is justifiable speculation as to his culpability in the attacks and his demise. Phelan points out through her articles that Anthrax samples had been mailed out to other countries and stateside by US labs. The accountability of our Government and Scientific community was non-existent. The proximity of outbreaks of infectious diseases to the Biosafety Labs is cause for concern, but generates nary a peep from Washington. Our Government has also granted broad immunity to agents deploying biological weapons against their own citizens.

The chapters throughout the book are concise and well written as the author tracks the threats to the American public through Monsanto’s mad science in developing GMOS, the continuing use of the carcinogen Glyphosate, the targeting of the public water system to deliver the next deadly pathogen(s). The health of the American people has been targeted for exploitation, if not demolition. Informed Consent for being guinea pigs has not been granted. The narrative of COVID-19 is that the US was unprepared, but statements from people such as Dr. Anthony Fauci back in 2017 predicted a crisis along these lines. The abrogation of the rights of US citizens began in earnest after 9/11, through the Patriot Act and its successor legislation. The “emergency” our country has been under since then has continued under each presidency. And now, the COVID illusion has pushed it further, Janet Phelan has been sounding the alarm for years about how the US(and its allies) have been tinkering with doomsday diseases, and now we’re near the point of no return. Her work is prescient, valuable and should be read by a wide and appreciative audience.